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Added a few links, but still far from all - still, every basemaker gets a page all to themselves, so I don't think anyone can really complain, huh?

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Name: Blu
Time: Tuesday, 2013-02-26, 07:37:14
Message: Happy birthday, dear.

Name: Blu
Time: Saturday, 2012-02-25, 18:15:51
Message: Happy birthday, love! <3

Name: christine (Email)
Time: Wednesday, 2012-01-25, 01:48:14
Message: cute dolls

Name: Sofia
Time: Thursday, 2011-05-19, 09:58:29
Message: Hej! Trevlig sida det här :D

Name: Blu
Time: Sunday, 2010-11-21, 18:16:09
Message: Hey you. <3

Name: Blu
Time: Saturday, 2010-04-10, 23:11:10
Message: You really, really like pageants, don't you sis? ;)

Name: Char
Time: Tuesday, 2010-03-30, 22:06:32
Message: I just found this site. Amazing dolls and bases! ^__^

Name: Patti
Time: Tuesday, 2010-03-30, 12:53:18
Message: Thanks for the tag!
I hope your MDI entry still gets the love it deserves in the *new* voting poll ;)

Name: Emma
Time: Friday, 2010-03-26, 08:11:26
Message: Hehe, ja, Slytherin betyder allt för mig. <3 :3

Name: Angela
Time: Friday, 2010-03-26, 00:59:43
Message: I don't know why this didn't work last time I tried to post here, but I just want to say you kick ass :)

Name: Emma
Time: Thursday, 2010-03-25, 15:20:03
Message: Tackar. :D :3
Mm, jag hade ingen aning om att du var svensk förens en kompis sa det. x33 Jag avstår dessvärre ofta från att t.ex skriva i andra dollers gästböcker och så, eftersom jag känner mig så osäker på engelska. ._. Måste tillägga att jag älskar kjolen på dollen i layouten. <3

Name: Emma
Time: Monday, 2010-03-22, 16:20:02
Message: Hej hej. :33
Dina bidrag till MDE är jättefina! :D Jag är sjukt imponerad över att du lyckades komma på två så vackra och olika outfits till round 2. :3 Själv hade jag knappt inspiration nog till en. x3

Name: Niki (Email)
Time: Thursday, 2010-03-18, 14:54:09
Message: Love the new layout! :)

Name: Daenelia
Time: Tuesday, 2010-03-16, 16:47:08
Message: Great layout :) *goes looking for a link button to link back with*

Name: Ninique
Time: Saturday, 2010-03-13, 21:39:15
Message: Hey! Thanks for the comment on my tagboard. I put the dollmaker project on hold for the moment because of school and stuff. There are some major bugs in Internet Explorer and I want to have a better system for people to post their pieces. Until those things are fixed, I don't want to advertise the dollmaker too much, since I know I'll be getting complaints and it would cause problems, so the link is quietly sitting in my news archive. When I have time to fix it (sometime in May), I'll put a more prominent banner on my home page. You're still welcome to add stuff to it if you want though.

Name: Vanilla
Time: Sunday, 2010-02-14, 23:19:02
Message: Haha, I didn't even think about it, seeing how that layout is (supposed to be) temporary! xD Thank you, thought. Your dolls are very pretty~

Name: Blu
Time: Tuesday, 2010-01-05, 17:43:46
Message: Hey. <3 Miss you.

Name: Rob Miller (Email)
Time: Monday, 2009-12-14, 12:21:36
Message: I liked your site.

Name: Blu
Time: Sunday, 2009-09-27, 03:14:31
Message: Is your yim broken? D: I miss talking with you.

Name: Blu
Time: Tuesday, 2009-08-11, 03:40:11
Message: *Snuggles* Hi, Gaya-sis. :)

Name: Sera (Email)
Time: Sunday, 2009-08-02, 02:44:26
Message: Nice site you have here! Great dolls! Keep up the good work.

Name: Aiwendil
Time: Tuesday, 2009-06-23, 02:33:27
Message: I just saw your steampunk dolls on TG and I loved them. And then of course I had to look at the rest of your dolls. Your pixel shading is a wonder. :)

Name: Blu
Time: Friday, 2009-06-19, 17:01:09
Message: *Sneakytacklehugs*

Name: Hannah
Time: Wednesday, 2009-06-17, 08:03:06
Message: Amazing website! It's very cute and you're a heck of a doller ;) Just a note, your dollmaker works in FireFox, although you stated it doesn't... Just an FYI :)

Name: Ophelia
Time: Sunday, 2009-06-07, 12:40:33
Message: Gaya! Thank you so much for your lovely tag. I am in love with your dolls, you're incredibly talented and that hair is incredible - keep it up!

Name: Calypso
Time: Tuesday, 2009-05-19, 00:33:38
Message: Thanks so much for your tag I love the hair on your pageant entry.

Name: Calypso
Time: Monday, 2009-05-18, 19:51:23
Message: Hi your bases are great and the dolls are really nice.

Name: guenever (Email)
Time: Sunday, 2009-05-17, 22:27:44
Message: just popping in to tell you how much i love your work. your style is so awesome and unique. you are a great artist. exquisite bases. thanks for commenting my on doll. blessed be!

Name: Leah
Time: Sunday, 2009-05-10, 22:30:40
Message: Amazing hair on your layout doll. And I'm planning on making a doll or two on your bases. They are very good!

Name: Beelzebjörn (Email)
Time: Wednesday, 2009-05-06, 02:55:39
Message: Out of curiosity, I decided to have a peek at your page. Interesting indeed. Browsing theough the writing, atm. We seem to share at least a few favorite writers ^^

Name: Gaya (Email)
Time: Monday, 2009-05-04, 19:20:16
Message: What forums would those be? Glam!, maybe? I know I saw Jo of ilck post bases there recently... but, yeah, tell me where and maybe I'll link there, too. :)

Name: Blu
Time: Monday, 2009-05-04, 03:53:29
Message: *Random* Neon Riots posts bases on forums, but not on her 'site anymore, for some reason. o_O

*Snuggles tight*

Name: Katrina (Email)
Time: Tuesday, 2009-04-28, 22:59:39
Message: Wow, you do some amazing hair! ^-^

Name: Viggo (Email)
Time: Friday, 2009-04-24, 01:46:15
Message: Hej stumpan!
Jättefin sida, jag har spanat runt lite och den är helt fantastisk! :D

Name: Steph (Email)
Time: Saturday, 2009-04-18, 18:10:18
Message: Wow, you have an awesome site, and your bases look so good :D

Name: Blu
Time: Sunday, 2009-03-22, 04:06:22
Message: Gaaaaah, how could I have forgotten? I'm such a horrible sister! *clings* Happy belated birthday, Gaya, dear. *hugs tight*

Name: Floam
Time: Thursday, 2009-03-19, 19:43:27
Message: Why helloooooo! I like yourdolls toomuch to not visit your site, so Imleaving youa tag just to say you rule! (And thatmy spacebar only works50% of the time)

Name: PassionateStar
Time: Wednesday, 2009-02-18, 04:53:02
Message: I love your site! It's the only site I've seen that has very little broken links! Your dolls and bases are pretty win too~~

Name: kendi
Time: Tuesday, 2009-02-10, 21:07:30
Message: Good luck at Miss U! Glad i stopped by you have many good bases I'll have to tray out :) I love the faerie one

Name: Penty
Time: Sunday, 2009-01-18, 03:20:36
Message: You do awesome long hair, and I might have to use your bases sometime. :]

Name: Kenly (Email)
Time: Saturday, 2009-01-17, 23:51:01
Message: your sie is very cute. i love the dolls and the bases. i was tinkering with the dollmaker, too. too cute.

Name: X
Time: Wednesday, 2009-01-14, 00:39:13
Message: *hugs* I love the new dolls and bases.

Name: Pat Williams (Email)
Time: Thursday, 2009-01-08, 10:20:01
Message: I enjoyed your site.

Name: Blu
Time: Wednesday, 2009-01-07, 00:31:43
Message: *glomphugs*

Name: Kuroda
Time: Tuesday, 2008-06-10, 05:41:17
Message: Great site! Such unique bases and gorgeous dolls! The layout is clean and easy to navigate. I am so coming back! :D

Name: Blu
Time: Monday, 2008-05-26, 18:25:38
Message: *Snuggle*

Name: Aki (Email)
Time: Thursday, 2008-05-08, 23:57:00
Message: *snuggles* I'm here! I check the site! And... stuff. Yes.


Name: Aki
Time: Monday, 2008-01-28, 23:41:41
Message: Hallå! *kram*

(*is not showing off; why would you ever think that?!*)

Name: Aki
Time: Monday, 2007-12-17, 23:42:30
Message: Hello! I obey your command to leave a message. ::is obedient dollfan::


Name: Blu
Time: Monday, 2007-10-15, 04:44:32
Message: *Random huggle* Thankies again for the layout :3

Name: Book**Geek
Time: Saturday, 2007-06-23, 06:04:39
Message: Hey! Thought it was about time I posted something, since I've been coming here a while. You have some really cool bases. I'll have to use them.

Name: Blu
Time: Monday, 2007-02-26, 02:48:49
Message: Happy (belated, sorry :() birthday! *GLOMP*

Name: Blu
Time: Monday, 2007-02-05, 06:24:53
Message: Squee, guestbook working again! =D XD Okay, yes. :P I still love your 'site and your dolls, and thanks for the credit of ideas for Tae and Links. :D *bighug* *sets out plate of cookies for anyone else happening by*

Name: Gaya (Email)
Time: Monday, 2007-02-05, 05:16:14
Message: So, the guestbook is working again! Excellent, isn't it?

Name: SweetMisery (Email)
Time: Sunday, 2006-08-06, 03:19:50
Message: You have a lovely site :) i actually really like the layout. nice dolls too :D

Name: Shetani
Time: Monday, 2006-07-31, 18:32:40
Message: Spoons. O.O

Name: TheXPhial
Time: Saturday, 2006-07-29, 21:57:57
Message: This is excellent, especially considering you did it all yourself. Go you!!

Name: Gaya (Email)
Time: Saturday, 2006-07-29, 21:12:11
Message: So, here it is, my new guestbook. Isn't it cool? I wrote it myself, and considering I've only had a three-week course in php, I'm pretty proud of it. ^_^

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